Sunday, September 14, 2008

Indian Wedding Planning Tips & Event Programs

In July we were part of one of the best industry mixers I've had the pleasure to yet be involved. Each month, NACE {National Association of Catering Executives} San Francisco Chapter gathers somewhere in the city or nearabouts and it's a chance for wedding and special event industry vendors to get together, share ideas and check out venues. July's event was held at New Delhi Restaurant, where owner Ranjan Dey graciously hosted a spectacular evening of the most delectable Indian food as well as educating the 90 or so attendees about Indian wedding planning tips.

chocolate wedding program
Our invitation division, Cedar and Rose, designed the invitations for the mixer as well as the programs for each guest. Check out this video we just received to see Ranjan give us some great ideas, listen to some super hip Indian music and take a peek at our programs, which make a star appearance at the beginning. Email us for a complimentary program that shares the tips Ranjan speaks of in the video.

chocolate wedding program
Thanks Team!
Special thanks to David Ethridge at A Video Reflection for a fantastic video. Kudos also go to Basilio at Exquisite Events & Entertainment for the gorgeous uplighting, beautifully patterned gobos projected on the ceiling, Indian music and MC'ing. Orna of Ornamento provided us with eye catching floral centerpieces and Iffat of Palms Party Planner added her unique decor and touches to the event. Lily of Wildflower Linen did her magic with some of the best table linens around and Henna Garden created beautiful designs on our hands.

If you're in search of a venue to host an Indian-inspired wedding or event you must, must, must check out New Delhi Restaurant first. They serve, by far, the best Indian food I've ever had - and this is coming from someone who lived in Fremont for a number of years, where I was surrounded by great Indian restaurants all over the city.

Even if your event has a different theme next time you're in the city you must visit Ranjan and experience his warmth and hospitality - it's truly unbeatable. And if you've already eaten they have a super friendly bar to grab one of his signature Lychee Martinis and shoot the breeze.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Muse Weddings - A New Website

Just got turned on to a new wedding website. Yes, there's a ton of them out there but this one seems different. Muse bills itself as "the first website of its kind to combine online planning with sharing and connectivity, creating a cool alternative for the online wedding world."

muse weddings
Pass it on to your brides and drop a comment with any feedback you have on it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

8 Seconds to Increasing your Blog Subscriber Base

There's a really simple way to increase your blog subscriber base - ask people who visit to subscribe. Add the "Subscribe to" gadget to your page. Super quick, it takes maybe 8 seconds. In 3 easy steps. Sign in to your Blogger account, then go to:

"Layout" tab > "Add a Gadget" link > "Subscription Links" link.

That's all. Now your blog will show up in the feed of your reader's choice {bloglines, google read, etc.} and each time you blog they'll see your new blog entry in their feed.

We all need a bit of reminding from time and time and you need to be reminding your visitors why you.